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  • Ahmednur says:

    Asalaamu caleykum shire Jaamac, waxaan ahay akhyaarta suugaanta xiiseysa, waxaanan ogahay inaad ka mid aheyd akhyaartii gabayada uruurisay wakhti horre.
    Marka waxaan jeclaan lahaa inaan ku weydiiyo ma jiraan gabayo aad ka uruurisay Qamaan Bulxan ama Raage Ugaas?

  • Magan says:

    Walaal waad ku mahadsantihiin dadaalka wax ku oolka ah ee aad u haysaan umadda soomaaliyeed. Waxaan idinku baraarujinayaa in aad webka iska hagaajisaan. Si fiican uma uu shaqeynayo oo wuu hakhakanayaa marka aad akhrinaysid. Waa macquul in ay dhinacayga tahay laakiin bal dib u eega webka isticmaalkiisa guud.


  • Zaylici says:

    Did you know that a Baardheere educator put the most meaningful words about our favorite linguist Shire Jama Ahmed on his Wikipedia page back in 2007?

    The page merely contained 300 bytes and subsequently added on the page was the academic style research material, particularly referencing, Shire’s educational and work background as well as his famous af Soomaali material published years before the Af Somali was written in 1972.

    Contrast and comparison was made about all 18 competing alphabets to show Shire Jama’s alphabet which won over the Af Somali Committee which first commenced its work back in 1961.

    Shire Jama Ahmed’s new page would benefit links to be made with, baardheerepoltechnic, and all the other pages that reference this great man and his ever enduring beneficial work for the Somali people.

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      assalamu aleykum
      Thank you for helping and sharing with us your thoughts and this usefull information and we will add these links and many many more. There will be more information about Shire Jamas work, books background etc coming up soon welcome back insha Allah and once again thank you.


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